Saturday, October 7, 2017

My photographs for Interior design

 In the geometric series, I photograph the world around me in a special technique. I create a beautiful carpet that contains bits of life.

A wonderful photo that can be part of designing a space with the right atmosphere.

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Friday, September 29, 2017

White – Pure and complete

A color that contains all the other colors and symbolizes the pure and the complete.
The color of new beginnings, clean cloth to draw on the dreams and thoughts, or a White page waiting to be written.
The White doesn't stimulate the senses, but developing a way to create something new.
Central equally all the colors, and create fairness, neutrality, and independence.
Helps relieve emotional breakdowns and create a sense of order and cleanliness. Have an inner purity and purity of thoughts and emotions, refreshes and strengthens the body's energy.
Represents new beginnings, a place where leaving the past and begin to a new path. Saves us from the dark.

White tone photography from my etsy


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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Crete - September 2017

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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Red – blood's color that drives our bodies

Red – blood's color that drives our bodies

This color is the element of fire, warm and positive, most powerful
between the colors, attracts attention as calling for an action to be
Red is the color of the blood, symbolizes life and vitality, energy,
desire, action, courage, strength and excitement - and because of
all these stimulates the physical senses - appetite, lust and sexual
Physiologically, it symbolizes fertility - stimulating and invigorating
our bodies for creation, including the nervous system and blood
It has power and order, he gives the strength to fight, the color of
royalty and honor, so in cases of sadness, depression and low
self-esteem, have to increase the use of red color, using clothing,
jewelry and food.


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Friday, September 1, 2017

A meal for twenty

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All day long I worked in the kitchen, when I finished cooking I set a table for 20. Everyone came.

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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Turquoise - Sea and sky

Turquoise - Sea and sky

The Turquoise color helps to open a channel of verbal
communication in a virtual world, symbolized friendship and
colorful life's love.
It controls and heals feelings, charges our spirit when we lonely,
stressed and tired - balance the emotions and helps us to return
and face the world.
It combines three elements: peace and serenity from the
blue, growth from the green and intelligence from the yellow.
Through its ability to enhance empathy and caring, the Turquoise
helps us to achieve clear thinking and decision-making.
This is the right color to use when we are sticking to a routine, and
don't know to which direction to continue, then he calms our
nervous system, and helps us concentrate and clarity our thought
and on the way also our eloquence getting better.
Often self-centered and put us ahead of others - in this situation it
helps us to build high self-esteem, love ourselves and then find the
a place to love others.
Increases the sensitivity and creativity, gives us observation
powers to identify the way forward to success.
And most important - it helps us in situations of loss and
strengthens the immune system.

To each amulet, I send to buyers, a page with the meaning of the relevant color.

For special questions and requests, you can also be in touch with me on Facebook

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Thursday, August 24, 2017

I declared myself a creator of secular amulets

The only thing that guided me in choosing the turquoise pendant I wore for a long time was my intuition, I did not part from it day and night, I felt that it was my third eye.
The connection between him and me caught the attention of strangers who saw me wearing it, and then I saw their eyes drawn to the pendant around my neck.
In difficult and frustrating moments, I found myself holding it, stroking and getting the strength to move on.
I realized that there was something beyond its beauty that was doing good things for me, and I started looking for this thing.
As part of my research, I came to know about the barbaric women in Morocco, whose traditional role involved leaving the house. They went out to pasture, collect firewood, and drew water.
These women wore jewelry that had functional uses, such as large rings with buckles used as weapons in case they were attacked.
The necklaces and pendants they wore on their necks were talismans for them, they believed they were protected from bad spirits and offered them good fortune. Each color and shape of the bead had meanings. The colorful, aesthetic and aesthetic choice was driven according to needs and beliefs, and not from the values we define today as stylish and fashionable.

I began to realize that the jewels I create are my amulets, because thinking about design and performance has kept me away from bad thoughts, and the result has brought me joy and luck.

I declared myself a creator of secular amulets, the inspiration for their work I receive from everyday life and combines them with deep color.
Colors are the value that dominates my amulets because each color has meaning. Soon after I choose to change the color of my amulet I understand what the change meant.

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Friday, August 18, 2017

Who identifies the source?

In the attached set of photographs, I used the seeds of the Erodium gruinum plant.
In Hebrew, the plant is called "Stork's beak" due to its fruit that looks like a Source of stork 5 seeds stand out at the base of the fruit and look like the head, each bearing a long bristle. Clasped together, the whole thing looks like a stork's source.

When the seeds ripen, they dehydrate and disengage from the leaves. Each curling like a clock hand and the circular motion helps him to stab into the ground, waiting patiently for the next year's rain.

So far the botanical section, and we'll move on to the photographs:

The seeds I picked up would no longer be grounded naturally but were metamorphosed into sea creatures

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Friday, June 9, 2017

מחרוזות מהסדרה "סרוגות באהבה"