Thursday, August 24, 2017

I declared myself a creator of secular amulets

The only thing that guided me in choosing the turquoise pendant I wore for a long time was my intuition, I did not part from it day and night, I felt that it was my third eye.
The connection between him and me caught the attention of strangers who saw me wearing it, and then I saw their eyes drawn to the pendant around my neck.
In difficult and frustrating moments, I found myself holding it, stroking and getting the strength to move on.
I realized that there was something beyond its beauty that was doing good things for me, and I started looking for this thing.
As part of my research, I came to know about the barbaric women in Morocco, whose traditional role involved leaving the house. They went out to pasture, collect firewood, and drew water.
These women wore jewelry that had functional uses, such as large rings with buckles used as weapons in case they were attacked.
The necklaces and pendants they wore on their necks were talismans for them, they believed they were protected from bad spirits and offered them good fortune. Each color and shape of the bead had meanings. The colorful, aesthetic and aesthetic choice was driven according to needs and beliefs, and not from the values we define today as stylish and fashionable.

I began to realize that the jewels I create are my amulets, because thinking about design and performance has kept me away from bad thoughts, and the result has brought me joy and luck.

I declared myself a creator of secular amulets, the inspiration for their work I receive from everyday life and combines them with deep color.
Colors are the value that dominates my amulets because each color has meaning. Soon after I choose to change the color of my amulet I understand what the change meant.

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