Thursday, August 31, 2017

Turquoise - Sea and sky

Turquoise - Sea and sky

The Turquoise color helps to open a channel of verbal
communication in a virtual world, symbolized friendship and
colorful life's love.
It controls and heals feelings, charges our spirit when we lonely,
stressed and tired - balance the emotions and helps us to return
and face the world.
It combines three elements: peace and serenity from the
blue, growth from the green and intelligence from the yellow.
Through its ability to enhance empathy and caring, the Turquoise
helps us to achieve clear thinking and decision-making.
This is the right color to use when we are sticking to a routine, and
don't know to which direction to continue, then he calms our
nervous system, and helps us concentrate and clarity our thought
and on the way also our eloquence getting better.
Often self-centered and put us ahead of others - in this situation it
helps us to build high self-esteem, love ourselves and then find the
a place to love others.
Increases the sensitivity and creativity, gives us observation
powers to identify the way forward to success.
And most important - it helps us in situations of loss and
strengthens the immune system.

To each amulet, I send to buyers, a page with the meaning of the relevant color.

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